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Diamond: the world’s hardest material now can be printed thanks to 3D rapid prototyping service & company

Diamond: the world’s hardest material now can be printed thanks to 3D rapid prototyping service & company


Diamonds are not only glistening, but their amazing quality is also a force. They are harder than anything else, but so far we have not been able to discover their full capabilities. Due to the revolutionary development of the rapid prototyping company, this situation may change soon. What kind of challenges do they have to face? How did they find a solution? Let us wait and see!


What is the biggest challenge of 3d rapid prototyping service over diamonds?

Although diamonds have well-known durability, their use is limited because they are so hard that we cannot shape them into complicated geometries. Obviously, they are widely utilized in jewelry applications, but do you know that industries like cars, mining and even military benefit from this precious material?

From drill bits to cutting tools, this superb material is of great value to production, but we cannot fully exploit their potential. At the recent Rapid + TCT conference, Sandvik three-dimensional printing, a 1962-year-old Swedish engineering & rapid prototyping company, developed a revolutionary technology that can produce parts from diamond composites without any additional machining.

Sandvik delivery manager Anders Ohlsson explained: "Historically, diamond 3D printing is something we can't think of, even now we are just beginning to grasp the possibilities and applications that this breakthrough may bring." Know that Sandvik's latest developments can change manufacturing.


Why are 3D printed diamonds valued by rapid prototyping company?

As mentioned above, the most important feature of a diamond is not its luster, but its strength and resistance. Not only the rapid prototyping company but also common people consider them to be the world's toughest materials, three times harder than steel and the hardest natural material. 3D printed diamonds can definitely revolutionize many industries.

Industry professionals have emphasized the importance of this material: "After seeing the potential of this material, we began to suspect that 3D printed complex shapes can be made in materials that are three times harder than steel, have a higher thermal conductivity than copper, and thermally expand. What? Close to Invar - density close to aluminum. These benefits make us believe that in just a few years from now on, you will see that diamond composite in fresh innovative industrial applications from wear parts to aerospace programs."

Thanks to 3d rapid prototyping service, 3d printed diamonds can be produced in any shape, even super complex shapes. No need to produce gear and complex industrial tools, they can be taken directly from the 3D printer – ready to use and sturdy, unprecedented.

It is important to note that diamonds are not new material. Sometimes it is not necessary to develop new materials but to learn how to use the full potential of existing materials to handle them. Annika Borgenstam, Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, commented on this development, “Today, major initiatives within the industry often involve a thorough reorganization of existing materials rather than seeking to actually develop entirely new materials. The use of revolutionary new processes, such as 3D printing, will open up new ways to use the same materials we have today, by building the features we need. ”


How exactly does rapid prototyping company print diamonds?

3d rapid prototyping service over diamonds requires absolutely new technology. That's why 3D printing is the perfect solution for producing powerful, full-featured tools. 3d printing brings a new industrial revolution. How does this technology for making 3D printed diamonds work?

Companies have noted that the 3D printing process is very advanced. They use stereolithography to print in a paste consisting of diamond powder and polymer.

In this revolutionary development, an absolutely critical step is post-processing. After a long period of research, some companies have implemented a new technology that can control the performance of 3D printed diamonds, making it harder than steel, with excellent thermal conductivity, corrosion resistance, and excellent thermal expansion.

Another important aspect of this innovative technology is sustainability. After completing the 3D printing job, their 3D printed diamond composite can be recycled and reused in another AM process.


What are other strong 3D printing materials used in 3d rapid prototyping service / company?

If diamonds 3d printing seems impossible for you, the rugged 3D printed materials are within reach in any rapid prototyping company. When it comes to plastics, nylon PA12 shows great strength and is available in 17 colors. On the other hand, jet fusion materials are also powerful, but at the same time flexible and heat resistant.

Another type of material used by the rapid prototyping company is resin. The RPU produced from carbon will produce fully functional parts with amazing quality. They also possess properties with high elasticity, impact resistance and tear resistance.

Last but not least, metal 3D printing! This technology is gaining increasingly more attention in the automotive and aerospace industries. For example, AlSi7Mg0.6 aluminum alloy comes to the fore for its lightness, durability and high-pressure resistance.

There is even an option if the medical grade material you are looking for is Titanium 6Al-4V. This high-performance 3D printed metal can withstand extreme temperatures (1660 degrees Celsius) with low toxicity and lightweight.

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