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Rapid manufacturing services | 3D printing projects take the glasses industry to a new level

Rapid manufacturing services | 3D printing projects take the glasses industry to a new level


Rapid manufacturing services are changing the way glasses are designed and manufactured. Many eyewear brands have set up 3d printing projects, primarily to differentiate their products from competitors and bring more innovation to their eyewear designs. That's to say, 3D printing technology offers new possibilities for your eyewear company.

Why is additive manufacturing so intriguing for this particular sector? What are the best 3d printing projects? Let us find out and get inspired to start your own custom 3D printing glasses project.


Why is 3D printing a great technology in the eyewear industry?


3D printing brings unlimited design possibilities

When it comes to creation and design, there is a simple sentence that clearly defines the full potential of 3D printing projects: "The only limitation is your own imagination." In fact, this technology allows you to create extremely complex structures, and in some cases, you can't even design without 3 d printing due to traditional manufacturing constraints.

In the eyewear industry, this technology has been increasingly used to make 3D printed glasses because it opens up a wide range of possibilities to create 3D printed eyeglass frames that are completely customizable. You can easily create simple and complex designs.


3D printing projects facilitate glasses customization

For people wearing glasses, choosing the right glasses is not an easy task. It takes time to find comfortable glasses that are well designed. In addition, in some cases, limited design choices can cause the wearer to sacrifice design beyond their own comfort. Due to this advanced technology, 3D printing glasses can be tailored to suit individual needs. It gives the wearer a comfortable feel and is also a cool style.

In addition to providing free design and shape, 3D printing projects uses less material to produce the eyeglass frame. 3D printing also offers new opportunities. Moreover, due to the new design and new materials, it is actually a good way to improve the product: Lighter 3D printed eyeglass frames can be made thanks to the 3D print frame.


Through 3D printing projects, you can produce high quality glasses

When selecting glass, the quality, wear resistance and durability of the material are the main factors to consider. In order to produce the same quality of glass, nylon 12, also known as nylon, is a frame of glasses commonly used for 3D printing. This material has the expected properties, is abrasion resistant, durable, and offers a large free design. So thanks to 3D printing technology, you can create high quality 3D printing glasses. Currently, the company's 3D print frame, but soon, it may even be possible to print lenses for your glasses 3D.


Build your brand through 3D printing projects

Utilizing 3D printing projects can help you outperform your competitors and get a more productive production process. In addition, using 3D printing is the perfect way to build your brand and DNA. Use 3D printing to combine your aesthetics and innovation to drive your company to a whole new level.


Optimize your supply chain

If you want to make finished 3D printing glasses in 3D, this technology will assist you to optimize the entire production process. In fact, using 3D printing also means reducing your inventory. With traditional manufacturing techniques, you need to build your inventory, but with 3D printing: You can avoid waste and produce parts when needed!


How do I create 3D glasses?

Making glasses is not an easy task, but rapid manufacturing services can help with your manufacturing process, such as rapid prototyping, but also for the production of your finished eyewear products.


Choose the best material for your 3D printing projects

Every project you develop has its own needs. This means that each project will require different 3D printed materials, material properties, and final appearances.

So which material would be the best choice for developing your 3D glasses? For reliable and economical projects, the best option would be to use powder bed fusion technology, selective laser sintering, which offers the possibility to print with our various plastic materials, such as Multi Jet Fusion PA12 or nylon PA12 and create the best-finished product for your 3D printing glasses, or 3D printing sunglasses.

Begin 3D printing projects on glasses made with plastic and metal 3D printing technology, you can even go further: Adhesive jetting techniques can be used to add detail and some jewelry to your work. 3D printing offers new opportunities that traditional manufacturing technologies can't match.

So, what do you think of your 3D print glasses design? Now upload your 3D file and print your own glasses. Take advantage of our professional 3D printers and receive your parts in a few days! From rapid prototyping to production, 3D printing will help you give you a 3D design life.

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