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Electroplating process in prototype model making

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2014-11- 10 17: 33

precautions for electroplating process in prototype model making:


electroplating is to use the electrode to pass through the current so that the metal is attached to the surface of the object, the purpose is to change the properties or dimensions of the surface of the object. Electroplating is generally divided into two types: wet plating and dry plating. Wet method is usually called water Plating. Dry method is usually called vacuum plating. Water plating is to attach the plated metal to the surface of the plating piece by electrode method, and vacuum plating uses high pressure and high current, in the vacuum environment,

vaporize into ions and then steam to the surface of the plating piece, and the water plating adhesion is good, no other treatment is required in the later stage, and the adhesion of vacuum plating is poor. Generally, PU or UV is required on the surface. The PC can not be plated. The compound die can not be plated by water, but only by vacuum. The color of water plating is monotonous. The common water plating is chrome plated, nickel, gold, etc. , and vacuum plating can solve the problem of seven colors. The surface effect of the workpiece before water plating must be polished to 1500- 2000 of sandpaper, and then polishing can be used for water plating, so the workpiece is generally very expensive, the effect of vacuum plating can be slightly almost 800- 1000 of sandpaper can be used, so vacuum plating is relatively cheap.

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