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Good prototype factory-18 years of experience

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-07- 02 10: 55

The prototype industry is an industry with a low threshold, so hundreds of prototype factories have emerged. Among so many manufacturers, it is very important to choose a good prototype factory to make a prototype. In the past 18 years, tuowei model has cooperated with more than 3000 customers. Many customers will ask when they first consult, how big is your company? Is there a successful case?

for a good prototype factory with 18 years of experience in prototyping to say, the extension model always uses real cases to tell customers the answer. Even if it is publicized on the Internet, it cannot be long without the corresponding strength as the backing.

not long ago, an old customer, Miss Zhang, brought a peer to the Tuwei model to make a plastic prototype. He suffered such a loss. At first, he found a small workshop. The boss promised him that he could reach his 0. 05mm accuracy requirements. Because the price is lower, it is more refreshing. I didn't expect the product that was proofing, the accuracy was only 0. About 1mm. Listen to Miss tuzhang said that Tuwei model is a good prototype factory, and the prototype is doing well. On the same day, he and Miss Zhang went to the extension model to determine the proofing.

after the expanded dimension model handed over the processed samples to the customer, I think the accuracy is good. I confirmed the order soon. If you want to find a good prototype factory to make a prototype, you might as well click on the online customer service

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