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Guangzhou prototype production-Different machining accuracy

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-05- 11 17: 00

There are various types of prototype production in Guangzhou, and the demand for prototype customization is no longer small, but what should I do if I need to find a high-quality prototype model factory?

The demand for prototype production in Guangzhou is relatively strong, however, most customers still hope to find prototype manufacturers with high processing accuracy, so that when they try and wrong new products, the results will be more accurate and will be conducive to the smooth development of new products. Due to the cost and risk constraints, most prototype factories can't afford expensive equipment, so the accuracy processed is not very high, generally only 0. About 1mm.

3000 Guangzhou prototype production plant approved by customers--Extension model, only a high-precision prototype. Since the five-axis machine is used for processing, the prototype accuracy of the extension model is relatively high, generally at 0. Around 05mm, a smaller prototype can reach 0. 01mm, the bright eye performance of the extension model in prototype customization is derived from 18 years of practical experience accumulation and cow force prototype processing equipment.

walked steadily step by step, and for the careful production of each set of prototypes, we can meet the requirements of customers for accuracy. Although there are very few such prototype factories in Guangzhou, tuowei model is willing to make a real voice and welcome you to visit the factory! If you have any customization requirements for prototype models, please contact online customer service on the right side of the page,
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