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Industrial prototype-Fast shipping in three days

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-05- 26 12: 21

More and more customers need to make industrial prototypes, looking for many suppliers for this. In the quotation industry is also fierce competition. However, the extension model does not care. For many customers' 3D drawings, the quotation is sent out of short supply. Arrange the processing date at the same time as the quotation, and need to confirm the accuracy of the drawings one day in advance to start processing.

even if it is very busy, an industrial prototype that each customer can process. The processing will be carried out directly, and the drawings will not be put on hold to formulate the processing plan as soon as possible, and then arrange the corresponding processing and production team. It can be shipped in three days, which is a faster delivery period in most peers.

If you have recent customization requirements for industrial prototypes, you can find relevant information about the extension model in Baidu. Understanding more so as to better cooperate, mutual trust between the two sides can solve the problem together. It is also hoped that customers will have a certain understanding of other manufacturers, and they will not blindly come to many manufacturers to quote to improve work efficiency.

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