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Make a large ABS prototype and choose what kind of manufacturer is better

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2018-01- 11 17: 31

ABS materials also have impact resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to low temperature. Compared with the invasion of general thermal substances, it is used in industries and fields such as home appliances, chassis, medical care, automobiles, mechanical meters, etc. Due to so many advantages of ABS materials, so it is very widely used in the prototype industry. However, when making ABS prototypes, they will occasionally encounter those large prototypes. At this time, many prototype factories can't meet this requirement, and they can only be disassembled to process. Here is a more powerful prototype factory, which can process large prototypes.

at present, the processing itinerary of many prototype factories is relatively small, about 800mm trips, A few powerful manufacturers can reach 1200. When processing large prototypes, they usually need to be disassembled. The extension model introduced a number of new CNC machining centers in November 2016, and the processing stroke can reach 2000. The ABS prototype with a general size of less than 2000mm can be processed in the whole process, here is a large prototype that is being processed by the extension model.

prototype processed through the whole piece, not only does the appearance look better than the demolition, but also the strength is relatively high and can withstand greater pressure. If you need to make a large ABS prototype, you can choose the extension model, not only can the quality of the prototype be guaranteed, but also the delivery on time!

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