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Make a prototype model-Choose the source manufacturer

by:Tuowei     2019-09-12
2019-03- 25 08: 05

Hello everyone ~ As an enterprise that makes prototype models, because it has been serving all walks of life for a long time, it has already understood almost every process requirement and Quality Index of customers, and it is also the requirement of customers to do their best to meet. From the customer's order to the product to the customer's hand, the whole process provides one-stop service. And the customer's drawings are also completely confidential, without any extra worry.

will not be like some small factories, on the surface, it is said that how good the prototype model is and how good the service is. In fact, there are more or less suspected of self-selling. There are more than a dozen processing equipment and more than a dozen experienced employees. Leather bag companies of trade nature, due to the different suppliers of multiple sets of products, this also leads to uneven quality, unsatisfactory effect, and high price. This has brought great troubles to customers, which is also destined to not develop in the long run.

but the extension model is different, with 17 years of experience in prototyping, complete equipment, 55 cnc equipment. Including multiple five-axis machines, the accuracy is as high as ±0. 01mm, this precision alone can meet customers from many walks of life. There are many professionals, hundreds of processing teams, and several manual team leaders have worked for more than 5 years.

nowadays, the depth of the extension model is deeply in the customer's heart, we all know that this is a company that makes prototypes with heart. Therefore, many customers will introduce their friends to visit and understand the process. The extension model is progressing every day, and the extension is with the customer!

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