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Make a prototype of the car, find a prototype manufacturer approved by BYD

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2017-11- 09 16: 32

when it comes to domestic automobile manufacturers, BYD Automobile has been producing cars since 2003, and has a history of more than ten years. Therefore, in the normal production, many parts of the car need to use the prototype. However, large companies like BYD generally do not take the initiative to find prototype suppliers online, but choose the right one from the many prototype factories to make car prototypes by bidding.

The cooperation between the Tuowei model and BYD dates back to several years when BYD was going to make several sets of car bumper prototypes, so I found a lot of prototype factories to bid. After layer-by-layer screening, there were only three companies behind it, including the extension model. The price quoted by the other two prototype manufacturers is 11000 and 9000 respectively, while the price of the extension prototype model is only 8800. In terms of price, the difference between the three prototype factories is not very large, especially 9000 and 8800, which is almost negligible. Therefore, BYD's purchase is a bit uncertain.

later, Mr. ou Guojun, general manager of tuowei model, took the sales director and the us cto to BYD, the production plan of the bumper prototype was elaborated for BYD's senior management. More importantly, they learned that the Tuowei model hired the us cto and adopted foreign advanced fuel injection technology, the surface treatment of the prototype has more advantages, so the extension model is more different, and finally the extension model is selected when the price of the three prototype processing plants is not much different.

as a professional car prototype factory, tuowei model has maintained a good cooperative relationship with BYD so far and has become one of their few old suppliers. If you need to make a car prototype, you can contact online customer service on the right side of our page or call: 13510327550, we are at your service at any time!

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