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Make a single piece of aluminum alloy prototype-In order to have a batch order

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2019-01- 02 11: 59

customers who usually make aluminum alloy prototypes generally have higher requirements for accuracy, otherwise who is willing to go online to find aluminum alloy prototypes. The mogong in Xixiang, Shenzhen is not satisfied with the previous prototype suppliers, only to find the extension model through the Internet.

In the process of communicating with Moong know, I have also found other aluminum alloy prototype proofing factories before, but the quality of the prototypes processed over there is not very good, and the delivery period is slow. If you need to rework, the time will be delayed for a few days, mo company wants to find a prototype proofing factory with fast delivery.

so it is the right person for Mo Gong to find the extension model, tuowei aluminum alloy prototype factory has a proofing factory with 17 years of experience. It has more than 50 CNC processing equipment, 24-hour processing, fast delivery, 3- 5 days can be shipped, and the US technical director personally guides, because they will have small batches of products in the later stage, and if there are fewer machines, they may be in short supply, so they still want to cooperate with the extension model.

In the early stage, they made a set of prototypes for the extension model to see how the quality is. , the aluminum alloy prototype factory made a prototype in the customer's request to ensure the quality and quantity during the delivery period. The customer highly recognized the strength of the extension, and the small batch project behind it also came down.

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