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Make product prototypes-High precision prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-11
2019-03- 02 08: 01

generally, in the process of developing new products, product prototyping needs to be done first to verify it, by making prototypes to find out what are the design deficiencies, because the products that have just been developed will be more or less defective, which is a key link in the process of developing products.

It is recommended to select a high-precision prototype factory when verifying product design, if the accuracy of product prototype production is not high, it will seriously affect the results of product verification, resulting in inaccurate verification data, and the accuracy of the prototype is mainly related to the processing equipment, better processing equipment is recommended.

If you need to find a product prototype, you may wish to choose the extension model and adopt Japan's advanced processing equipment and the five-axis machine with a precision of ±0. 02mm, with 1-to-1 guidance from the US technical director, the quality is 38% higher than that of peers.

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