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Make prototype model, more efficient 3d printing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-13
2017-12- 04 15: 00

in order to verify the advantages and disadvantages of the new product and find its defects and deficiencies, we all need to prototype it first, however, there are many options for making prototypes. 3d printing is a more cutting-edge technology. It can make prototypes more efficient. Generally, CNC machining takes several days to prototype, it takes only a few hours to use 3d printing, and the work efficiency is nearly 10 times higher.

compared with the traditional prototyping method, 3d printing technology is more convenient and can adjust the prototype faster. After all, there are many products that have just been developed. If you want to discover problems and defects through the prototype, you must improve the efficiency, so we still have to choose better to be better.

relatively speaking, although the performance of the 3d printed prototype is less than that of CNC machining, the accuracy is also less than that, however, it is faster, which will be helpful for faster product verification. It can quickly find out the shortcomings of the design and improve it. It only needs to find printed consumables to realize the display of the finished product.

to sum up, using 3d printing technology to make the prototype not only has the condition of quickly verifying the product's advantages and disadvantages, but also can effectively improve the production efficiency. However, when making a 3d printing prototype, you need to choose a professional prototype manufacturer, and the extension model is such a manufacturer that uses Israeli imported equipment to print, fast and good quality!

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