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Manufacturing prototype-Small error

by:Tuowei     2019-09-16
2019-05- 30 18: 02

large number of customers need to manufacture prototypes in the process of product development, which happens to be the specialty of the extension model, 17 years of experience in the processing of a variety of product prototypes are very familiar with the process. In order to ensure these quality, CTO is also specially hired from the United States for technical exchanges. Played an exemplary role in the industry.

so the customer is very happy to find a prototype for the extension model. , and even if the price will be higher than other peers are willing to cooperate. 5-axis machining equipment with high precision is used to process ±0. Exquisite prototype of 01mm. Through a series of post-processing procedures, QC colleagues will label NG if there is any deviation in quality inspection.

contact the customer to negotiate how solve the problem of manufacturing prototypes, most of the situation is due to some errors in the drawing structure. It was found in time to correct it, like some experienced finished products made without errors in customer drawings. Only then can we have satisfactory results. We believe prototype company with 17 years of processing experience can solve most of your industry problems.

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