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Manufacturing You

by:Tuowei     2019-09-10
With the increasing strength of the manufacturing industry and the continuous development of new technologies, we will continue to see some cooler products being produced.
I would like to highlight how the manufacturing industry is copying you, either through a custom statue or through an organ.
In my opinion, 3D printing is a very interesting manufacturing technology.
It brings a wide range of applications that can transform a wide variety of industries in the world, including consumer industries.
I would like to highlight an app that includes the production of custom dolls, action drawings and thread heads, all using 3d printing & you.
This manufacturing process allows you to make.
Before entering the app, I would like to give a brief introduction to the actual situation of 3D printing.
To put it simply, 3D printing is a layer-by-layer creation of a product, sometimes called additional manufacturing.
The actual process of 3D printing involves the actual design of a work by a designer or artist made through a 3D image.
Printeritself itself will have to call for some kind of design to create a product.
These products are made layer by these machines called 3D printers.
The 3d printer itself will actually call the design like ablueprint.
The system followed by these printers is called a CAM system or a computer-aided manufacturing system.
In the nut shell, this means that the computer inside the machine will tell the machine where to start producing these products.
When it comes to actually creating a product, the printer must lay the material layer down on the build tray.
The level of detail of these layers is up to 11 microns, about the fourth in the diameter of human hair, which is a very high resolution!
There are various applications of this manufacturing technology.
One of the applications is really custom products.
Some of these products are for consumers.
Some companies engaged in 3d printing revolve around the actual design and identification of the customer\'s face, body and attributes.
What do I mean by this?
Businesses are starting to recreate customer identities using software, 3D scanning, and modeling.
Some businesses are developing around 3d printed thread heads.
Others work around action maps printed in 3D.
Some provide 3d printing dolls.
There are many possibilities when it comes down to actually being able to replicate a person.
Please keep this in mind when purchasing the next Christmas gift. You can print someone into an action chart!
In addition to that, there are some other cool advances in the world of 3d printing.
One application I want to say is organ replication.
That\'s right. re-create organs.
AnthonyAtala and his team are copying organs through 3D printing!
So far, the process works well on simple organs like the bladder.
The skin has also been replicated and the part of the kidney has also worked.
Essentially, the process involves doctors taking cells from patients and placing them layer by layer in certain patterns similar to certain organs, and then letting them produce.
When discussing 3d printing, more sure is coming;
There are many ways you can print.
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