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Medical Model Makers-high tolerance&fast time - Tuowei model

Medical Model Makers-high tolerance&fast time - Tuowei model


Warm reception every client, diligently for the customer to solve medical model processing, the recommendation for the suitable processing method, material, and then go all out to reach your request, whether you are used to the new product verification or exhibition, will be to meet your needs.

When you are worrying about how to choose medical model makers, you can ask the friend that has done medical treatment model, the client that has been to Tuowei model to be able to recommend Tuowei model to the utmost for you, regard a model factory that has 17 years of experience only, Tuowei model wins the love of broad client with excellent quality and enthusiastic service manner.

Tuowei-Medical Model Makers-high Tolerancefast Time - Tuowei Model, Shenzhen

Find the suppliers Online , might as well go directly to the on-the-spot investigation, in order to know what kind of medical hand-board model processing factory can produce what kind of hand, this is Rio Tinto d model did a medical standard, the medical instrument's main material adopts aluminum alloy (with translucent PC board on both sides), engineers programmed by the CNC numerical control machining, polishing by hand the teacher hand-in injection department again after fuel injection, silk screen again to surface, the general standard factory is difficult to make such a big hand.

Tuowei-Medical Model Makers-high Tolerancefast Time - Tuowei Model, Shenzhen-1

If you want to carry on the medical model processing, might as well look at the extension dimension model, not only can provide the suitable suggestion for you, at the same time also may achieve the prototype high precision and the appearance is exquisite. If you have related model production needs, please click to contact the online customer service on the right side of the page, 24 hours for your service.

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