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Plastic model building-Save time and cost of product development-Tuowei prototype



In the development of new products, enterprises need to choose Plastic model building, and then use the Plastic model for verification, so as to find the shortcomings of the design, so as to save the time and cost of product development, reduce the risk of product opening, and make customers more favored in the exhibition. When making Plastic model, it is particularly important to find a model factory with strength.


Miss zhang by searching for a few days ago "Plastic model building" to find Tuowei model, she needs to do a fairs with planks, learned in the communication of a plank in the local factory to do last time, mainly considering the standard factory near their company, communication up more convenient, and the price is lower, so chose to do plastic model there. But because their processing level is limited, so the hand plate effect after miss zhang is not satisfied.

Seeing the exhibition time is about to come, miss zhang wanted to give up, later or in the persuasion of a friend thought of looking for a plastic prototype supplier online. The related business manager of TVC model told her that Tuowei model has 17 years' experience in the model processing industry, and has not only introduced the five-axis machine but also hired the American CTO as the technical director to introduce the foreign oil injection technology. When making the model, not only the precision is high, but also the appearance is exquisite. Miss zhang read the company's video and soon signed the contract.

Under the Tuowei model, the day before the exhibition, the model was sent to Miss zhang's company. Miss zhang was satisfied with the appearance of the model and successfully attracted many potential customers in the exhibition. If you need to make a model. Take a look at the dimensional model, which will bring you unexpected results.


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