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Rapid Prototyping And Rapid Tooling Services-About Rubber Prototype

Rapid Prototyping And Rapid Tooling Services-About Rubber Prototype


Tuowei Prototype is a premier supplier and industry leader focusing on providing Rapid Prototyping services and Rapid Tooling services for model making and mass production for worldwide clients seeking design and development of NPI (New Product Innovation).


We offer vast global experience in Rapid Prototyping and Rapid Tooling. From working with many clients from many countries and with many designers and engineers, we have acquired an abundant pool of knowledge to assist in problem solving. With our deep knowledge of materials and process, our team is an incredible asset for your project. We can provide solutions that are fast and effective for a multitude of manufacturing projects across all product design and development industries: (automotive and aerospace, aquatic, medical devices and military devices, sports equipment, kitchenware and cookware, gizmos and electronics, soft goods and athletic gear, gym equipment and playground equipment, tools and toys).


 We always welcome opportunities to share our insights with our international clientele.


This article’s topic is about TPU rubber prototype parts.

 · What is a Rapid Prototype TPU Rubber Parts?

 It is a soft flexible and elastic part of a product!

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Our TPU rubber is a (stimulant) rubber. That means it is a material that has properties that are almost identical in performance to real rubber. At Tuowei Prototype, we offer services for making TPU rubber parts. TPU parts can be molded in almost any color with gloss or matt finish and with small or big texture. TPU can be molded as a transparent part as well. An advantage of TPU parts is the ability to control the durometer or hardness. We use the Shore A and Shore D scales to determine the specific number of hardness. We also have special hardness testing equipment that will allow us to measure the hardness of each part.


If you are making a Rapid Prototype Appearance Model (1 or 2) models, or a small batch of products (10 or 20) models, TPU is an excellent economical choice for visual quality products. We can match you colors more closely using Pantone or RAL color codes.


Let us assist you on your next project! At Tuowei Prototype, our experienced casting technicians are capable of making the cleanest most beautiful cast rubber parts. No matter if your design is of a simple small part or a large complex part, we can achieve your product requirement goals!


Here are some samples of rapid prototype TPU rubber products we can make:

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