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Medical prototype processing, large-scale manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-20
2018-08- 01 17: 23

with the development of the internet, customers can basically be found without going out. Even if customers are 108,000 miles away from you, they can also go through WeChat, QQ and telephone communication; long time ago, a medical company in Zhejiang learned about our company through the Internet. They often have new projects that need to be tested by a prototype factory, and they will contact our customer service personnel and leave contact information.

after contacting our segment, and asked about our company address, just when they were also on a business trip in Shenzhen, they came to the company at about three o'clock P. M. and wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to implement their prototype factory.

after coming over, Duan Gong took the company profile and showed it to them, and then explained the general situation of the company, in the conversation, it was mentioned that their company's prototype quantity is relatively large and the project is relatively large, so we must see the scale of the manufacturer before we can safely hand it over to us for production, so I took him to the sample cabinet first. There are many medical prototypes that customers have done before, fuel injection/electroplating/oxidation/transparent parts/these can see the quality of the products we made, the customer is still more recognized for the effect of our surface treatment, and then took him to visit our CNC workshop, manual room, oil spraying room, dust-free workshop and warehouse (Stacking common materials for prototypes) After the visit, he said that the prototype factory inspected in shenzhen these days was satisfied with the overall conditions of our company.

after going back, we will submit our company's information to the purchasing department. go, it didn't take long for their colleagues who purchased the company to contact Duan Gong and began to send a project to quote. After several confirmations, in the prototype factory inspected in Shenzhen, we chose our tuowei model to be produced here. At present, it is a medical prototype factory that their company has cooperated for a long time.

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