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mega prusa i3

by:Tuowei     2019-09-01
The concept of the giant of Prusa was originally named BluePrinted. com.
However, by October 8, 2014, the company had not released a blueprint for the large Prusa i3 3D printer.
Since I found the concept very interesting, I took the liberty of sharing my version of Mega Prusa i3 Rework.
Mega Prusa i3 rework is basically an enlarged version of the Prusa i3 rework.
Is amplified from the original design.
To be more precise, Mega Prusa i3 Rewrk is 8 times the size of um, 8 times the rework of Prusa i3, an amazing 400x400mm.
Here are some photos of some versions of the large Prusa i3 produced by some members of the instructures community.
For more information about the upgrade, please visit (
Stormychel design): very us-
Full review/upgrade for sinstructured user stormychel: 1-
Do not heat the bed with resistance, buy a silicone heater here :-
You need a extruder: 3-
My Framework Version: 4-Use my Y-
Belt holder instead of the original: 5-
These can also be printed onto the extruder to accommodate the modified X-
Carriage: 6-Use my Z-
The end stop block of Sainsmart together (
These may require gentle bending in order to be able to reach the mounting holes, which is also important for X and Y: 7-
I modified a wire shaft stand to fit the 9mm mid-fiber board frame: Mega Prusa i3 rework for reprapalgarve is just an enlarged version of the Prusa i3 rework 3D printer
To accommodate LM12UU bearings and 12mm light slide bars, most 3d printed parts have been redesigned.
Because Mega Prusa i3 has a large and heavy structure, 8mm rods do not work, so there are 12mm rods in place of use.
Use this sketchup file as a guide to the build.
For more information about the Prusa i3 rework, please visit the official reprap source here: is the list of materials needed to build a large Prusa i3 rework, tey and Prusa i3 rework very-
Rods4 light slide Rod 740mm 2 light slide Rod 540mm 2 light slide Rod 600mm 2 light slide Rod 520mm 2 threaded rod M5 770mm 4 threaded rod M10 430mm 4 threaded rod M10-
Mechanical Parts 14 linear bearing LM12UU 1 bearing 624 4 bearing 608 1 belt GT2 1400mm 2 coupling 5*5 5 motor meets the standard 17 2 pulley GT2
Heating bed 1 aluminum plate 450x3mm 1 glass plate 450x400x3mm 1 Kapton tape 8 adhesive clamp 1 thermal resistor-
Arduino ics1 ramp board 1 Arduino Mega 2560 4 micro step Driver 3 end station w/cables 1 power supply w/cables-
Screws, nut and washers41 screws M3 14 3 screws M3 24 4 screws M3 50 2 screws M3 60 6 screws M4 20 1 screws M8 30 53 washers ø 8mm 54 washers ø 10mm 1 screws M8 20 5 flat head screw M3 8 33 nut M3 6 nut M4 2 nut M5 1 nut M8 54 nut M10 1 Nylstop nut M8 acrylic frame 1 single frame with backrest 1
Grinding Wheel-
Masks and gloves-Grinder -
Pencil and rule note: Mark the cut length on the rod using a pencil and ruler.
Use grinding wheel to cut Rod according to size.
After cutting, the end of the grinding rod to get the perfect finish.
2 light slide Rod ø 12 740mm 2 light slide Rod ø 12 540mm 2 light slide Rod ø 12 600mm 2 threaded rod M5 520mm 4 threaded rod M10 760mm 4 threaded rod M10 430 tool :-
CNC machine tools or laser cutting materials :-
600x10mm acrylic sheet-
Acrylic glue instructions: After cutting acrylic glue, the back of the frame for additional support.
Install large Prusa i3 reworked base according to Skechup design.
Install the vertical frame of giant Prusa i3 rework according to Skechup design.
Please note that this step of photos display 8mm a smooth of rod rather than 12mm a 8mm a rod don\'t work they no enough of strength to support in place of structure.
Install the Z axis of Mega Prusa i3 rework according to Skechup design.
In addition to the hot bed, wiring the electronic equipment according to the wires on the schematic.
I tried to connect 4 heat-
But eventually found a more cost-effective way to use resistors.
The hot bed is made of 450x3mm aluminum plate.
It has 4 10 w resistors.
7 ohms connected parallel to the ramp D8 connector.
Each resistor has 2 holes for fixing on the plate using screws. Instructions: -
Knock 4mm threaded screw holes on the aluminum plate (
For fixed resistance)-
Fix the resistance in place using M4 bolts
All 4 resistors are attached in ParallelPrusa i3 rework-
200x200x200mmMega Prusa i3 rework-
Mega Prusa i3 Rework is a machine in an excellent library of 3D printers :)
Because it\'s built in large quantities and it\'s easy to build.
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