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Mr. ou Guojun, general manager of tuowei model, participated in the 'love hand in hand, grow heart-to-heart' activity

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2017-08- 29 16: 31

The general manager of Tuwei prototype model company, ou Guojun, participated in a TA8 team initiated by Dongguan Zhixing culture in Gaozhou city, Guangdong province on July 9, 2017. ' Love hand in hand, grow heart-to-heart' After completing the three-stage coaching technology in November 2014, we participated in a total of 15 such activities, at the same time, ou also donated 700 yuan to the event on behalf of our tuowei prototype model company.

and after each participation is completed, europe will always share his feelings and experiences with us, so that colleagues in Xiaobian and Xiaobian will also benefit from it, so that we all understand'How big is love, how big is the stage; Giving is a big return! '

presumably everyone wants to know what exactly is'Coach Technology'What about it? The following small series will share with us the summary of Europe.

coach technology originated in the United States, and it was vigorously promoted in China in 95 years, and it was also in 95 years, in the hometown of Marshal He Long in Hunan mu sang value County held'Heart to Heart'Activities. Coaching technology a management technology that achieves its potential and improves efficiency by improving the mental model of the coach; The result of the coach is the pursuit of inner change and growth, and the person who is upright and healthy with a strong energy field will be clearly reflected.

for looking forward to improving performance, rapport, chasing career dreams, looking forward to developing leadership and wanting to re- people who set goals in life, coach technology will undoubtedly become a powerful driving force.

wonderful moments

after learning from Xiaobian that the event was over, not only did the distance between the child and the parents pull in, both sides understood the need to understand the other party, but also improved the child's gratitude, and both sides understood the need to look inward. What is really called an arrow and three sculptures!

Next, President Liu of the school also made a passionate speech, thanks to the great platform of Dongguan Zhixing culture, thanks to all the red volunteers from all over the world, ou always told us that President Liu said this sentence:' We must bring this culture of passion, gratitude, dedication and understanding into our lives so that our interpersonal relationships will be more harmonious. ' Ou said that he also gave this sentence to all our partners in Tuowei!

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