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by:Tuowei     2019-08-20
Whisper the secret on your fingers, touch it with your fingers, and whisper the secret.
This is the idea behind an electronic art project called Ishin. Denshin. The set-
Up will encode the sound recorded through the microphone as an electrical signal.
The signal regulates the electric field around your body, and when you touch someone else\'s ear with your finger, the electric field causes the ear to vibrate slightly and reproduce the sound.
The name of the project comes from the Japanese expression, meaning a self-evident understanding.
\"Who knows in 1984 . . . . . . This will be big brother . . . . . . Will zombies pay customers?
The description on Der Spiegel in Germany is a PowerPoint slide from the National Security Agency, which depicts Apple founder Steve Jobs.
The magazine says the NSA has access to user data on iphone, Android and BlackBerry phones.
Elon Musk\'s Iron Man as a Rocket Man-
SpaceX Chief Executive Elon Musk is often compared to Tony Stark, the Iron Man ).
Musk produced a video showing the emerging technologies that SpaceX uses to design Falcon rocket engines.
These include a jump action gesture interface, glass projection display (
Used in the movie Iron Man)
Oculus Rift VR headset and 3D printer, can output rocket nozzle with laserfused titanium.
A burst of air can change your mood.
Mahdi Amie of the University of Paris-
A mobile nozzle has been developed in southern France to be able to spray air at different strengths.
Changing the movement and intensity of the blast changed the emotional response of his 16 volunteers.
The result can create more emotions.
Based on the remote rendering system-or add another dimension to the video game.
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