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Origin of prototype model

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2017-09- 06 11: 18

Everyone knows that the new products that have just been designed are generally innovative in structural design and appearance creation, therefore, it is not guaranteed that all parts of this product and all the whole are considered. Only when the designed products are processed can their shortcomings and deficiencies be exposed. So many designers are thinking, can there be a simple way, you can do one or two products directly without opening the mold to confirm it? This can not only avoid the huge cost of opening molds for products, but also check the rationality of structural design, the beauty of both worlds, one stone and two sculptures? They found a way to make a prototype.

prototype production can effectively avoid blindness in production directly according to the design draft. Once the mold designed for mass production has problems, all molds and products will be scrapped, serious waste of manpower and material resources! This leads to the existence of several risks, so many design companies need to do the prototype test when designing products.

The rapid development of the prototype, due to the limitation of processing means a few years ago, lot of work can only be done manually and done a little by hand. After the progress of science and technology, most of the plastic prototypes are processed by machine. This can ensure the accuracy requirements of the product, which can be almost exactly the same as the 3D map designed by the designer, and the accuracy can reach 0. About 1mm.

with the standard of living the improvement of science and technology, the upgrading of products is also getting faster and faster. How to effectively occupy a place in the development of science and technology today, then the development speed of products will determine whether it has a strong competitive advantage. So the prototype factory stood out in the whole design process and developed into a separate industry.

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