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Scientists print miniature 3D heart

by:Tuowei     2019-09-04
Tel Aviv University presents a prototype of a miniature heart, which scientists say is the world\'s first heart made using a 3D printer of human tissue.
Professor Tal Dvir, who led the study, said: \"This is the first time anyone has successfully designed and printed an entire heart anywhere full of cells, blood vessels, Chambers and Chambers, \"He introduced this at a news conference on Monday.
So far, scientists have only succeeded in printing simple tissues without blood vessels, the university said.
Dvir emphasizes the importance of manufacturing the heart with the patient\'s own cells and biological materials to eliminate the risk of implant rejection.
The heart reporters can see in about three days. hour-
The long printing process is roughly the size of a rabbit\'s heart.
\"But the larger human heart needs the same technology,\" said Dvir . \".
The next step for the researchers is to cultivate the printed heart in the lab and \"teach them\" to act like a heart.
The current state of the original heart can be compared with the heart of the embryo.
\"Cells need to form pumping capacity;
\"They can sign up at the moment, but we need them to work together,\" explained Dvir . \".
Once they do this, scientists plan to transplant their hearts to small animals such as rabbits or mice.
\"Maybe in ten years, the best hospitals in the world will have organ printers, and these operations will be done routinely,\" Dvir said . \".
Last year, the World Health Organization said the world\'s biggest killer was heart disease and stroke.
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