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Selection Guide for prototype model manufacturers

by:Tuowei     2019-09-19
2018-10- 26 16: 52

due to the wide application market of the prototype model, enterprises that generally need to develop new products need to customize the prototype model, so more and more prototype model manufacturers are prompted. Then, when customers choose a prototype factory, they must be careful. Here are some relevant guidelines.

some mistakes in choosing a prototype model factory:

1. Blindly pursuing a low price

in terms of price, the big factory is not a small factory, some small workshops for several people, they have to make the machine work, pick it up as long as there is a single, regardless of the price. Although the price of such manufacturers is low, is the quality guaranteed? However, the large factory has been precipitated for a long time. If the quality is not close, it is difficult to survive for so long. Therefore, in terms of quality, the large-scale prototype factory will have advantages.

2. It is necessary to find a local manufacturer

Mr. Zhang is the purchase of a medical equipment manufacturer in Sichuan, want to do a few medical device prototypes to act as product sales, search through the Internet'Prototype factory' After finding the extension model, after the price comparison, it was found that the price of the local prototype factory was lower than that of the local prototype factory, and the distance was relatively close, so the local prototype factory was selected. month later, Mr. Zhang found the relevant person in charge of the extension model and complained that the prototype quality made by the local prototype factory was too rubbish to get a shot at the exhibition, the booth fee was wasted and he lost his job. He knew that he should choose the extension model.

above is the selection guide for prototype model factories, hope to help you.

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