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Shajing prototype factory, CTO fuel injection dust-free workshop, USA

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-11- 21 16: 12

now many customers are making prototypes to participate in the exhibition, so that the requirements for the appearance of the prototype are higher, otherwise, the prototype can not only play a propaganda role in the exhibition, but also affect the image of the company, so when looking for the Shajing prototype factory, it cannot be confused by some low prices, attention needs to be paid to the appearance of prototypes, especially those that need to be exhibited.

there are differences in processing equipment and technicians in each prototype model factory, the quality of the prototype will also be different. Professional Shajing prototype factory not only has rich experience in fuel injection, but also uses better paint. In addition to the small color difference of the prototype, it can also maintain the surface for a long time without falling paint; The prototype with poor quality is not only very rough in appearance, but also has various problems on the surface, such as easy falling off paint and large color difference.

The extension dimension model is a Shajing with 17 years of experience in prototype customization prototype factory, when the fuel injection is carried out, the US fuel injection technology is introduced and the color is calibrated by the international Pantone color card; At the same time, a dust-free workshop was also set up. Therefore, when fuel injection was carried out, not only the prototype color difference was small, but also less dust. Up to now, the extension model has helped many enterprises successfully obtain orders at the exhibition.

Selected Shajing prototype factory, make your prototype stand out at the show. If you have the relevant prototyping needs, you can click on the online customer service on the right side of the page.

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