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Shajing prototype factory-Serve every customer sincerely

by:Tuowei     2019-09-25
2018-12- 19 16: 45

Miss Wang of Shenzhen turned to the domestic customers through the prototype products provided by Chen Lei, the extension model business, as well as the enthusiastic service and fast delivery time. chen Lei, the reason is that Shajing prototype factory-- The prototype made by the extension model has a very beautiful appearance and high-precision dimensional requirements; However, they have very strict requirements on the appearance and accuracy of the products, and few manufacturers in China can do their requirements.

The customer saw the prototype at a product seminar, they also had the original type of demand and asked the design company to learn. Later, the customer sent an email to Chen Lei and talked for a while. He came to Shenzhen Shajing prototype factory. Chen Lei took him to visit the factory, personnel, production equipment and process inspection of Tuwei model, for the high requirements of product quality, the customer was very happy after reading it. On the spot, he said that he would give all the items quoted before to the extension model.

Chen Lei is also very pleased with his sincere service to every customer, it is not only a simple business, but more customers who trust the extension model are willing to hand over important projects to Chen Lei, and it is also a recognition of the technology of Shajing prototype factory.

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