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Shenzhen aluminum alloy shell prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2017-08- 29 21: 44

The prototype is made of aluminum alloy materials, not only of light quality, but also of high-end atmosphere, so in the prototype industry, the shell of many products is made of aluminum alloy material. The prototype of aluminum alloy shell is generally not made by 3d printing, which not only has poor performance, but also has high price. The following figure is a prototype of an aluminum alloy shell made by the extension model. Its processing steps mainly include the following:

CNC machining: using the CNC machining center, by setting the corresponding program, the excess part of the material is removed, and the prototype model is obtained.

polishing: due to the rough edges and knife marks on the prototype surface of the aluminum alloy shell processed by CNC, need to grind it flat with sandpaper.

sandblasting: spray a layer of particles on the prototype surface to reduce the roughness of the prototype surface of the radiator, make the prototype surface more exquisite.

when making an aluminum alloy shell prototype, in addition to requiring a very delicate appearance, the customer is also very strict with the accuracy of the prototype. Under normal circumstances, many prototype factories can only reach 0 in terms of accuracy. About 1mm, and the Tuowei model introduced a batch of Japanese imported brothers, the processing accuracy can reach 0. 02 ~ 0. 05mm, exceeding most of the peers in terms of accuracy.

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