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Shenzhen customized prototype model Company-The accuracy is as high as 0. 01mm

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-01- 07 00:44

In the current market demand for such rapid development, the upgrading of customers' products is also very rapid. Therefore, in the process of research and development, customers often need to find customized prototype model companies and make prototypes for debugging. After the approval of the company's leaders, production and sales can be carried out in large quantities.

as a customized prototype model company for 17 years, more than 3000 enterprises have been experienced. High quality service, quality assurance of these customers. All of them have been improved. If the delivery period is fast, it can be shipped in three days. The accuracy of the new five-axis machining equipment can reach 0. 01mm meet the needs of % 95 customers on the market.

If you have any cooperation needs, please feel free to contact the staff on tuowei's official website. Or there will be professional staff to serve you when you call. Tuowei model is located in Fuyong Phoenix Industrial Zone, Bao 'an district, Shenzhen. Now it is a well-known customized prototype company, and it is also a top 500 cooperative enterprise in the world.

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