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Shenzhen hardware prototype factory, good fuel injection effect, not easy to fall off

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2018-11- 06 11: 04

two months ago, Miss Chen, a customer from Guangzhou, made a prototype in other Shenzhen hardware prototype factories, it was only a few days before the phenomenon of paint falling off. Miss Chen found the extension model this time to see if the prototype can be saved for a long time, so that customers can be more attracted when participating in the exhibition.

is also known in Miss Chen's conversation, the hardware prototypes they make often need to be exhibited. They will often move in the process and occasionally bump and bump. If the fuel injection effect of Shenzhen hardware prototype factory is not good, it will easily fall off. The relevant business manager of tuowei model said to Miss Chen: tuowei model uses imported PPG Paint injection, and the US technical director dominates the fuel injection technology, so the paint is not only radiant, but also not easy to fall off. Ask Miss Chen if you want to try it!

after listening to Miss Chen, she decided to work in Shenzhen hardware prototype factory-- The extension model makes several prototypes to test the effect and then decides whether to cooperate for a long time. After today. Miss Chen received the hardware prototype sent by the tuowei model and found that not only the color difference is small, but also the paint is not easy to fall off.

If you need to find a Shenzhen hardware prototype factory with better fuel injection, you might as well look at the extension model. With more than ten years of fuel injection experience, you can make a prototype that will satisfy you.

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