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Shenzhen hardware prototype factory, pay attention to delivery and quality

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2018-11- 06 17: 30

Mr. Zhou of Shenzhen Songgang searched'Shenzhen hardware prototype factory' Find the extension model, want to customize the stainless steel prototype, and learn from him briefly through customer service-- Mr. Zhou is particularly concerned about the delivery and quality issues, not so concerned about the price.

Mr. Zhou has always been a Shenzhen hardware prototype factory in the local area. prototype, and have been doing well. Just because the prototype factory has always paid attention to offline and ignored online promotion, the business is so bad that few people are producing now, and the delivery period is difficult to be guaranteed, therefore, the extension model is found, and it is hoped that this situation can be changed.

In fact, Mr. Zhou also found several Shenzhen hardware prototype factories, among these, the extension model may not be very affordable or quick to quote, but the quality of the extension model is relatively stable and the delivery period is relatively fast, it mainly benefits from having 55 large CNC machining centers, some of the equipment is a five-axis machine, and the us cto dominates the fuel injection technology, so the delivery period and quality can be guaranteed.

if you also want to find a reliable delivery period and quality shenzhen hardware prototype factory, look at the extension model and it won't disappoint you.

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