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Shenzhen medical device prototype manufacturer, no need to disassemble large prototype processing

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-09- 11 21: 30

sometimes, especially when making medical device prototypes, some prototypes with relatively large dimensions are often encountered, some even exceed 1 m. In this case, most of the prototype factories will choose the method of unpacking. Although the prototype of the disassembly is no different from the appearance, it is still not as good as the whole processing in strength, so if you can not disassemble, try not to disassemble it.

The CNC machining size of the extension model is: 2000*1300*600 (Mm) If the flatness is good and the structure is simple, this is a relatively large integrated molding size. If it exceeds this size, it needs to be disassembled and then spliced. However, in the actual processing process, it is rare to encounter such a large prototype. The common larger size is about 1 m.

extension model introduced a batch of new CNC in November 2016 processing Center, the processing stroke can reach 2000, and the operator has more than 5 years of experience. The ABS prototype with a general size of less than 2000mm can be processed in the whole process without removing parts, here is a large prototype that is being processed by the extension model.

as a manufacturer in Shenzhen with 16 years of experience in prototyping medical devices, we are able to process large prototypes in the whole process, it can improve the efficiency of product development and make your products jump into the market to seize the business opportunity!

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