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Shenzhen prototype customized manufacturers, see the factory car shuttle

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2018-05- 04 15: 53

we all know that when choosing Shenzhen prototype customization factory, the strength and service attitude of prototype manufacturers are very important, it involves whether you can successfully develop new products, obtain orders at the exhibition, etc. , so how to check whether a prototype factory is qualified? The old driver told you about this-- It is very simple, just look at the factory inspection.

when conducting the investigation, look at the size of the manufacturer and see what the quality of the prototype produced by the prototype factory is? Generally speaking, the more equipment, the more number of prototype factories, they have a stronger production capacity, which means that they are more secure in terms of delivery. Like those small workshops with only one or two equipment, it is naturally difficult to guarantee the delivery period. The extension model is a large-scale prototype factory in the prototype industry. It has 55 large CNC machining centers and more than 100 employees. After the general customer sends the drawings, it can be delivered within 5 days. In terms of quality, the machining accuracy of the extension model is 0. 05mm, and the us cto personally dominated the prototype fuel injection, naturally no problem in terms of quality.

It is better to come to Shenzhen tuowei model to see the factory for inspection if you want to make a prototype. , 16 years of prototype customization manufacturers, online and offline word of mouth, see the factory has a free shuttle bus.

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