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Shenzhen prototype factory, customers from other provinces can also deliver in time

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2018-10- 30 12: 10

Mr. Changsha Wu used to find a supplier in his own local prototype model because the local prototype model factory is close, if you have any questions, you can get timely communication and deliver the goods faster. However, because their company is making molds, and the precision requirements are relatively high when opening molds, and the accuracy of local manufacturers does not meet the requirements, they have to find a prototype company in Shenzhen.

Mr. Wu searched'Prototype factory' I found the extension model. By looking at the introduction of the website, I learned that the extension model has a 5-axis machine, which is naturally not a problem in terms of accuracy, but he is worried about the issue of delivery, the relevant customer service told him that the Tuowei model is in Shenzhen. Generally, customers in other provinces are sent to SF, 1- It can be delivered in 2 days, and the gap is not big compared with the local factory.

so Mr. Wu sent a drawing to evaluate the extension model, I didn't expect the delivery date of the extension model to be 3 days less than the local prototype model factory. At that time, Mr. Wu still had some doubts. Can it be done in such a short time. However, with 17 years of prototype processing experience and 55 large CNC machining centers, the extension model finally completed the task within the specified time.

so when looking for a prototype model factory, it is not necessary to find a local Prototype supplier. Sometimes you might as well look at the manufacturers in Shenzhen. In terms of delivery and quality, it is not necessarily worse than the local ones.

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