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Shenzhen prototype factory-Keep your order confidential

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2019-02- 28 14: 57

In the Shenzhen prototype factory industry, most of the enterprise designers have developed new products, will choose to work with a team prototype factory with high quality. In many prototype factories, choosing a prototype factory you want plays a key role. Because ordinary enterprises need prototype models to verify whether the structure, size, appearance and design of their products are reasonable, can they seize resources in the market and so on.

There are also enterprises that have developed new products that want to be at the exhibition. participate in the exhibition, this requires a prototype model. Compared with some prototypes, the exhibition prototype has done more, mainly because it can promote new products to enterprises and even bring orders directly. Shenzhen prototype factory is a place where the prototype began to rise very early. In Shenzhen, there is a Tuowei model Co. , Ltd. 38 percent higher than its peers.

For example, there was a Mr. Wang from Shenzhen some time ago, listen to friends say that there is a company called Tuwei model prototype in Shenzhen prototype factory that is not bad, one-stop service, no need to worry about it at all. Is a leader in his peers. So, Mr. Wang found the model company. Contacted the relevant salesman Huang Gong to entertain the gentleman. After a detailed inquiry, I learned that Mr. Wang is a robot industry. This time, I want to open a small robot exhibition. Although this is a small exhibition, because this time it is to be seen by many potential customers, the requirements for appearance are very strict, and the appearance needs to be very beautiful and atmospheric, in line with the company's image. So this exhibition is very important.

, Huang Gong took this Mr. Wang to the workshop, I watched the general process of production, went to the workshop of the robot, and saw the samples made by tuowei company in the past. After Mr. Wang saw the sample, he was very happy and had a good talk with Huang Gong. After that, Mr. Wang made a bill and paid the full amount. After sending the drawings, Huang Gong discussed with the engineer and customized the plan suitable for Mr. Wang. After a few days of hard work, the product was completed. After Huang Gong took a photo to Mr. Wang, Mr. Wang was very happy and praised the Shenzhen prototype factory as very good and had a good cooperation.

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