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Shenzhen prototype factory share the difference between various prototype models

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2014-07- 10 12: 08

Shenzhen prototype factory shares many categories of different prototype models, such as CNC prototypes, RP prototypes have action prototypes, plaster sculpture prototype. Some prototypes because the customer can't give the design drawings, they are mostly in the form of photos and concepts to the designer's hands, so they are all pure manual prototypes, and the materials used are ABS plates, acrylic plate and white film, among which there are a variety of machine tools for designers in the CNC room. The degree of mechanical operation of the designer and the ability of manual carving and design are very high. For example, when designing the action tooth box, it is necessary to design the toy with walking, running or flying effect according to the customer's requirements, which emphasizes the design ability. The prototype of the imitation car pays attention to the master's manual and the line feeling of the photo, and the mold of the plastic hardware mold should be very familiar with, focusing on manual solid carving and mold knowledge; The design of gypsum sludge prototype can be independently called handicraft sculpture. Many prototype creation rooms have it. The lower part will be described in detail and want to do the first three prototypes, it takes a lot of interest and a long time to work, and many big Masters have opened up. As for the CNC prototype, it is the prototype that the customer can provide the designed three views and make use of the computer gongs automation. This kind of prototype is like assembly line production, it can't be compared to a prototype and a clay sculpture in a serious sense.

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