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Shenzhen prototype factory-Undertake a difficult prototype

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-07- 26 17: 15

Shenzhen is a rapidly developing big city that brings spring to many small and medium-sized companies, and many prototype model manufacturers are not big, however, there are also very few large-scale prototype factories, and large-scale prototype factories can undertake a large number of orders, such as the extension model of Shenzhen prototype model production factory.

Tuwei devotes itself to a variety of difficult prototype processing, such: medical prototypes, car prototypes, metal prototypes, electronic cigarette prototypes, toy prototypes, these prototypes with high accuracy and difficult processing, the extension model of Shenzhen prototype model production factory has been established in the prototype processing and manufacturing industry for 18 years. Compared with some companies, the extension model has been continuously independent innovation, continue to introduce good prototype processing technology, and continue to accumulate experience in prototype processing.

when some previous customers saw the extension dimension, I feel that tuowei is no better than who in Shenzhen. I feel that tuowei is just a small processing factory, but the extension model of Shenzhen prototype model production factory is not worthy, wholeheartedly, I only remember to deal with more problems for more customers and continue to learn new processing techniques. Therefore, there are old customers who praise and develop rapidly in technology. If you need the original type of processing, you can come to the extension model.

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