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Shenzhen prototype model-High transparency

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-05- 22 18: 58

In this colorful era, in order to let designers better understand whether the design of all aspects of the product is reasonable, find a good prototype manufacturer to make a prototype to show the design of the product in the form of physical touch. Just as Miss Joe searched some time ago. 'Shenzhen prototype model'Find relevant information about the extension model.

after Miss Joe contacted customer service, the contact information was left. After the salesman Xiao Xin and the customer started chatting, he learned in the chat that the lady needed to make a transparent prototype, this prototype mainly uses PMMA material, which is mainly because the prototype has high requirements for transparency, while only PMMA material can reach 93% in transparency in transparent prototyping materials. And Miss Qiao found several Shenzhen prototype mold manufacturers and wanted a number of comparisons. In order to win the customer, she invited the customer to visit the Tuowei model on the spot. The customer agreed, and the customer came to the extension model in a few days.

Xiao Xin, the salesman of Shenzhen prototype model, took Miss Qiao to the workshop visit, the main thing is to look at the manual post-processing, because Miss Joe is more concerned about transparency, so it has been discussed for a long time. After the visit, Miss Joe was very satisfied, so she made a look at the effect first. day later, the prototype was handed over to Miss Qiao, who was very satisfied and satisfied with the transparency of the prototype. So I gave the rest to the extension model.

trust in customers, the extension model has always gone all out to live up to the trust of customers. The extension model has professional technicians and 18 years of processing experience, and is constantly introducing new equipment. Therefore, the extension model has always been in an advantage in its peers. If you want to find a Shenzhen prototype model manufacturer to make it, you can look at the extension model! If you want to make a prototype, you can contact online customer service on the right side!

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