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Shenzhen prototype model processing factory-Customers give full praise

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2019-04- 10 08:02

Mr. Li of Shenzhen asked about his contact information through the prototype products provided by Ye Gong to domestic customers, the reason is that the prototype made by the extension model is better in terms of accuracy and appearance; However, they have very strict requirements on the appearance and accuracy of products. There are few Shenzhen prototype model processing plants in China that can meet their requirements, so they are struggling to find qualified suppliers.

later, the customer sent an email to Ye Gong, after chatting for a while, I found that the extension model is quite powerful, and I have cooperated with many listed companies, so Ye Gong invited customers to visit the factory and the customers gladly accepted it. few days later, the customer came to tuowei model, and Ye Gong took him to visit and understand the personnel situation, processing equipment and inspection process of Shenzhen prototype model processing factory, and the high requirements for product quality. After the customer saw it, he was very happy. On the spot, he said that he would process the previously quoted items to the extension model. Then he signed a cooperation agreement and made an advance payment.

after several days of overtime work, the Shenzhen prototype model processing factory finally completed the prototype within the specified time limit. After receiving the prototype, the customer felt that the appearance of the prototype was very beautiful at a glance, and then measured with a caliper, the accuracy of the discovery did reach 0. 05mm, very satisfied with this and fully praised it. If you want to find a Shenzhen prototype model processing factory with very good quality and service, you might as well look at the extension model.

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