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Shenzhen prototype processing factory-Good effect of fine sand spraying

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2018-12- 29 14: 17

Mr. Li can't achieve the desired effect on the surface of the sample made by the previous Shenzhen prototype processing factory. Their sample is to do fine sand, the surface treatment itself is very simple. It is really rough to see their actual sample surface. In the past, the supplier was a small workshop, and the rework could not be improved several times, in order to delay their own time for cheap results, it is not worth the loss.

Contact The extension model side through the introduction of friends, ask Miss Mo what way to remedy the business, because it has delayed too much time, and the effect of fine sand is simply so easy for Shenzhen prototype processing factory fans, out of human feelings, miss Mo only reported the labor cost to Mr. Li. After confirmation, the production manager of tuowei immediately arranged to manually knock off the original surface, start polishing, and then send it to the fuel injection side for two days, the customer came over to get the goods, one step in place, and the effect and time exceeded the customer's expectations. Therefore, tuowei passed the small workshop directly, which is a strong advantage of the enterprise.

so when looking for proofing from Shenzhen prototype processing factory, we can't blindly pursue the price without paying attention to quality. Although the small workshop we found before Mr. Li is cheaper in terms of price, even a simple small process such as fine sand injection is not good, is it really good for such a prototype to take out the exhibition?

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