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Shenzhen prototype production price-Super cost performance

by:Tuowei     2019-09-22
2018-12- Hello everyone, long-term quality service has always been the corporate culture of the extension model. Of course, the prototype quality of the customer is the same. It needs better and better quality to be recognized by customers. However, many small factories now start with prototype production and processing, which attracts customers and promotes the transaction.

It is a very unwise choice for customers to abandon quality by overpursuing the benefits in price. Because the accuracy is not enough to use, it needs to be re-made. Or the problem of deformation and vulnerability, rework and delay delivery many times. These are some of the risks that customers need to take because they have chosen the prototype production price.

but if you choose to cooperate with the extension model, you don't have to worry about these because although the prototype production price will be lower than the small factory. However, the cost performance is very reliable. The machines used are all five-axis processing machines, there are also hundreds of manual masters who can ship quickly and more in 3 days. It is the best choice for your participation or results inspection. You need to contact the staff at any time.

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