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Shenzhen tuowei: expert in prototype model making

by:Tuowei     2019-09-23
2017-09- 05 16: 27

Shenzhen tuowei: Expert on prototype model production

when the prototype model was just started in China, shenzhen tuowei is very powerful in his peers with exquisite technology and thoughtful service. After ten years of hard work and continuous innovation, he has established long-term cooperative relations with many international brands.

The brand image of Shenzhen Taowei has gone deep into the hearts of the merchants. The products are exported to India, Malaysia, Thailand, Israel, France, Germany, Britain, Italy, Sudan, the United States, canada, Argentina, South Korea and other regions.

Shenzhen Taowei is second to none in domestic prototype model making, becoming the leader of the industry and being considered by consumers as a better prototype model maker in China.

CNC prototype model, industrial product design, mobile phone, digital camera, MP4 digital prototype, large and small electrical prototype, electronic chassis prototype, medical equipment prototype, become the main business of Tuowei.

In the future development, Taowei will also serve consumers with enthusiastic service and better technology. With the continuous rise of Taowei in China and the world, will cooperate with various industries, and many well-known enterprises to build a prototype model in China.

extension has been insisting'Good faith, high quality and high efficiency' Corporate beliefs, implement these concepts into the work of each employee, apply them to the work, and make better results.

Shenzhen Taowei will continue to improve itself and innovation continuously along the good prospects of reform and opening up and the policy of opening up to the outside world, and continuously strengthen enterprise management and corporate philosophy.

Tuwei is still unswervingly building its own corporate culture. nation without culture will not be strong. company without culture will eventually close down, tuowei attaches great importance to the strong role of corporate culture in enterprises. Tuowei proves to the people that it is the title of an expert with his own actions.

Taowei has a strong team in China. Team quality and team spirit have always been the promotion season for Taowei to grow up and the life of the company, every member of the team is an elite from all walks of life. They have achieved remarkable results in a certain industry. Each member is careful, patient and responsible.

The company also has equipment such as large precision CNC machining center, SLA rapid prototyping machine, vacuum compound die machine, CNC milling machine, drilling machine, sand blasting machine, etc, with experienced prototype technicians, designers and quality engineers, the company's reputation and image are guaranteed from the products. Only excellent products can stand on the world stage, this is also a belief that Shenzhen Taowei insists on. As the saying goes:'It needs to be hard to hit the iron'This is also the spirit of Tuwei people's implementation and learning.

Tuwei people face the challenges of the world with their dedication and are also facing their own challenges. I believe that Tuwei people can create a better tomorrow and achievements.

Official website of Shenzhen tuowei prototype model: http://www . Sztuowei. Com

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