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Shenzhen tuowei prototype factory-Consumer exercise in 2019

by:Tuowei     2019-09-24
2019-03- 08 08: 14

Hello everyone, safety drills are essential as a regular prototype factory. This is to protect the life safety of every employee of the enterprise. In the past 17 years, the company has often done safety guidance for new and old employees. Actively cooperate with the activities of the safety supervision office to achieve the emergency measures of each employee in the event of an emergency.

This year is no exception. First, colleagues from various departments were convened. Come to the conference to check the safety record film and know the seriousness of the accident and the harm caused. These include real-life performances such as fires, and professional staff assist all employees in drills. Many other small prototype factories, considering the cost problem is simple oral teaching.

everyone is ready to take out the container with flame by a professional instructor. Teach everyone how to use dry powder fire extinguishers correctly to prevent the fire from spreading and inform the essentials. Almost all the staff present conducted a separate drill to successfully extinguish the flame. At the end of this exercise, Xiao Bian felt very proud of being a regular prototype factory employee. Can get a lot of survival skills through this study exercise in case of emergency.

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