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Silicone prototype factory

by:Tuowei     2019-09-27
2019-06- 01 17: 24

In the current period of rapid transformation, the competition in various fields is very fierce. Prototype manufacturing is also the same. Prototype was a profitable industry at the beginning. After that, many people who learned skills came out to set up the company themselves, so now there are many and many silicone prototype factories.

as a month ago, there was a Mr. Ye who searched online'Prototype factory of silica gel'Find the message of the extension model in many messages. At first, he carefully checked the relevant information and success stories of tuowei model company before contacting the customer service of tuowei model, asking the contact information from the customer service and then transferring to the professional salesperson reception.

after a few days of communication with Mr. Ye and some extension of the salesman's introduction the advantages of the model and some finished product drawings, mr. Ye said that he had previously found a silicone prototype factory to make prototypes, but the prototypes they made were too bad, so it was very cautious to choose the prototype factory, however, after seeing the strength of the extension model, it was very determined.

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