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Simply put, libraries are incredible

by:Tuowei     2019-09-04
It’s 4:33 p. m.
On a long weekend Saturday, the Toronto Reference Library will be closed in 27 minutes --
Not exactly at the point, but close enough.
Although the deadline is approaching, five
The multi-storey structure designed by architect Raymond Senshan is the landmark of its vast curved atrium, packed from one floor to the other. Groups of high-
Students at the school crowded together in front of the fifth color copier, while in front of the fourth color copier, a young couple did not know the French anthology and poetry books around.
Third, an older woman takes notes from an Italian recipe, and the day of the book is better because in the second book, almost every research cabin is occupied by the reader.
On the first floor, however, the most important thing is that the students make a loud noise around the laptop, hardly suppressing laughter;
An Indian couple chats with a woman at the \"New Canadian\" kiosk;
A man secretly argued with his partner on a public phone in the bathroom.
In the center of the main floor, a learning card with a computer is arranged in a circle.
Here is a 56-year-
The homeless old woman has been camping outside since noon, with several bags in the corner.
\"It\'s getting cold, it\'s warm here,\" she told me . \".
\"This is good after the sanctuary is closed.
I love being with other people who are just doing their own thing and feel like I\'m not bothering anyone, they don\'t notice me and I don\'t notice them either.
You know, it feels safer than being outside \"at the same time, teenagers sitting next to her are dancing on the table wearing headphones while watching music videos.
A lady next to him took part in the driving test quietly.
There are more than a dozen TV screens next to the computer booth, playing all the shows from Spanish music shows to football matches.
When the lights finally Flash to signal that the library is about to turn off (this time in real time), those who look at everyone standing and going to the exit at the same time, as if they had just finished their shift, need to punch in.
As I watched them join the crowd from other floors, a man in shorts and T-shirts approached meshirt.
There are 10 degrees in Toronto today, and as the clock gets closer to 5, his costume is becoming more and more unusual.
He was a teacher from Poland and explained to me without any inquiries.
\"I have never seen such a thing,\" he said . \"
\"There are so many people and so many students here.
Do they all have a place to work?
It\'s like a family. A commune. It’s beautiful.
\"As the pressure on the security guards grew, I said goodbye and took the last team to the exit.
When I looked back, Polish tourists had already sat down at the center\'s study table, looking up, wide --
Looking at the Skylight that decorated the ceiling.
For someone who took the library for granted most of his life, an outsider\'s perspective gave me a moment of enlightenment.
Located in the heart of a wealthy community in Toronto, it is the most convenient institution in Toronto. here, different communities can gather together every day without fanfare or bother.
There is such a place today, which is definitely a miracle.
Of course, this is not always the case: the library starts with a private collection.
The earliest and largest collection of the Greek philosopher, Arishi, whose archives helped form the Alexander Library in 3rd century BC.
It was established in Egypt by the successor of Alexander the Great, tollemi sote.
His dream is to collect a written or donated copy of every book in the world from mathematics to astronomy, translated in multiple languages.
At its height, the Library of Alexandria is considered to have 500,000 volumes of scrolls, as well as classrooms, laboratories, gardens, zoos and restaurants.
The Roman library soon followed, displaying books on the walls around the public writing center, bringing the library closer to being the inclusive public institution as we know it today.
The authors will read publicly there, the scholars will collect, and the Book Chamber will copy the scroll of their own collection.
Given the relatively low literacy rate, customers at that time were usually of a certain category.
By the 17 th century, the golden age of library has emerged.
Universities and national libraries across Europe are starting to emerge, subscribing to libraries
And their terrible late fees.
It was held in the early 18 th century.
In North America, over 1800 years, a series of public libraries have been opened one after another, and the Toronto Public Library opened its first free public library in 1884.
Wealthy donors and businessmen such as philanthropist Andrew Carnegie pushed the influx, making the public library his mission.
It is this grand history that gives the library a certain retro flavor, which also confirms that our local library is not so much an active resource as a wrong impression of a museum.
Rumors about its extinction have long been exaggerated by stereotypes: imagine a moldy library that is magnificent in its historical interior design, but so silent you can hear the pins drop
The old man with a beard kept in the corner. when they read the newspaper, the glasses were placed on the tip of their nose;
Reporter trail
On a specific night in 1947, a story was told through a micro-film;
Pencil on one sideskirted, tight-
The librarian raised a finger to your lips to remind you: \"This is a quiet place.
\"But, according to a report from the Pew Research Center 2016, even though millennials often murder traditional institutions, they visit the library more than any other generation.
In third party logistics, often
According to the 2016 report, the number of people laughed at was almost third among their customers.
\"Anyone who thinks a public library is a fossil has not walked into the library for a while,\" says Vickery Bowles, TPL city librarian . \".
\"Our values are more lasting and important than ever before.
It is never more important to determine what the truth is.
From literacy to fair access to information, to the protection of space and privacy-these places are still rarely available.
On top of that, it\'s a custom service that is willing to change over time.
Yes, books are still the heart and soul of the public library, but it is no longer just a place to consume but to create content.
According to the report of the Canadian city library Council, the Montreal Public Library and the Vancouver Public Library are the two largest branches in Canada, and the number of visitors increased by 8 to 9 percentage points between 2010 and 2015.
No more than 10 third-party logistics companies. 6-
Millions of items, including books, DVDs and e-books across 40 languages, are Canada\'s largest public library system, with a per capita circulation higher in 2008 than any other public library system, make it the largest community
The library system in the world.
In 2017, its 100 branches hosted 17-
Millions of visits, and nearly 30 of its websites are welcome-
Millions of people, over the course of a year, 157,000 registered library cards.
For those who still hold on to the image of the librarian\'s stamping book and boo any sound, it\'s an amazing number.
As a free public institution, the library has become an important service that uniquely meets the specific needs of people from all financial, educational and cultural backgrounds.
It is able to maintain the ability associated with this task in large part due to its flexibility.
Unlike many industries that have been disrupted by technological advances and subsequent social changes, libraries in North America have shown incredible adaptability.
Instead of being saddened by the threat of tablets and e-books, The Library provides customers with more services through virtual access, electronic circulation, WiFi usage and internal access
Community project.
For example, when a third-party logistics company saw a decline in the circulation of physical materials in 2012, it worked to increase the circulation of electronic materials.
Results: 368 growth.
But while the library has explicitly embraced the digital world in 2018 to meet the needs of its customers, it is not necessarily obvious to the public.
Erika Heesen of Perth United library said that the biggest obstacle the agency faces today is marketing, how it \"creates a level playing field and maintains the initial shared economy
\"During the Ontario Public Library cycle, her branch has done everything from visiting the farmer\'s market to working with local restaurants to get the message across. Karina Douglas-
Takayesu, a reference librarian at the Timmins Public Library, agreed: \"There is still a surprising out-of-date, where the library is generally considered passive, with only books, when all other places are not online, it is often seen as the last resort to find information.
I was at the Ontario Public Library super conference a few years ago and many of us lamented that our customers didn\'t realize that their library had a website, some of which had been online since 1990!
\"A key part of the marketing of library services is improving digital inclusion and digital literacy, especially for rural or remote areas and for low-income people
Income population.
In order to provide support to these communities, the Ontario Library has made concerted efforts to provide emerging technologies and to provide hundreds of training and support programs for those new arrivals, those looking for job opportunities, or those who are just trying to get the news.
The Vancouver Public Library has an inspiration lab, which includes not only the \"creation station\" of web designers, but also the recording studio, demonstration and training center.
At the same time, the Alberta Public Library system features a regular lecture series that provides enhanced resources and services for disabled people, as well as a province --
Extensive telecom network.
These branches and countless other branches across the country offer free 3D printers, streaming services, virtual
Tools and design software.
Some branches also offer free coding and Photoshop classes.
There are discussion groups, study rooms, book clubs, festivals and galleries, all managed by local public libraries.
According to an dishonest report, of the customers who used technology in the Ontario Library in 2016, for example, including computers or printers, 56 were not able to access these resources. Sixty-
Three of these customers have been identified as lowincome.
46-most of them are considered obvious minorities-they simply cannot access the Internet if not their library.
In addition, survey respondents in the first quarter said they used library services to manage and/or develop their business, while half of respondents used library services to develop employment skills.
I do not think it is an exaggeration to claim that there are no other public institutions that provide so many tools and resources for such selfless purposes.
While many library systems across the country can boast of their successful transition to the digital world, their adaptation efforts are a means of influencing real people.
Douglas said: \"For all the social and technological changes that have taken place since the beginning of the 19 th century, the core of the library is the human factor. Takayesu.
\"The library is still a place where anyone can go and look forward to finding information there.
The library is dynamic and operates with the idea of freedom of information expression to meet the growing demand
Change the community.
\"As an accessible space and primary resource for recent immigrants (not only to attend classes, but also to find a place to connect with others) even as a shelter for the homeless (training several librarians for the homeless), the library stands out as a public institution and actually makes our community better by taking care of the most vulnerable members.
But, as some say that absence will make the mind warmer, perhaps the true value of the library cannot be fully grasped without facing the fact of losing the library.
In Susan Olin\'s library book, the author tries to weigh this loss by looking deep into the mystery behind the disastrous 1986 fire at the Los Angeles Public Library, reaching an astonishing 2000 degrees, it burned for seven hours and burned 400,000 books.
She recorded the moment when hundreds of volunteers arrived at the branch after the fire was tamed, and worked for three days to keep the remaining items collected.
At one time, the volunteers formed a human chain, \"Living Library\" and passed on books to each other.
Orlean wrote: \"In that short time, they created a system to protect and deliver shared knowledge, to preserve what we know of each other, and that\'s what the library does every day.
Orlean noted: \"As it is located in the center of most metropolitan areas, the library is often damaged when the city is attacked during the war.
For example, World War II destroyed more libraries than any other event in history, while the Nazis destroyed hundreds of libraries
There are millions of books in their 12 years in power.
For, O\'Brien quoted George Orwell as saying that burning books was \"the most characteristic (Nazi) activity.
The author then likened the destruction of the library to terrorism, \"because it is believed that the library is the safest and most open place in society.
Keeping them on fire is like declaring that nothing is safe and nothing is safe.
\"In other words, the library is, like the physical library, an intellectual sanctuary.
If all humanity is to be tried in a court similar to what we are familiar with, one may imagine a prosecution showing evidence of genocide, prejudice and violence.
While the human defense of such imaginary allegations, by contrast, may be weak, there is no doubt that this will include creation, the development and maintenance of the public library proves that we are not an evil creature.
Perhaps the library itself is a judgment of ourselves.
After all, there is no place more representative of human beings than this;
Places where people from all walks of life gather;
A record of World War was found next to an epic romantic story;
There heroes and villains, both real and fictional, are neighbors, just separate floors and shelves, and any of us would like to visit them.
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