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SLA rapid prototyping prototype

by:Tuowei     2020-01-17
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Rapid Prototyping (RP) Technology is an advanced manufacturing technology developed in the 1990s S and a key common technology serving the development of new products for manufacturing enterprises, it plays a positive role in promoting enterprise product innovation, shortening the development cycle of new products and improving product competitiveness. Since the advent of this technology, it has been widely used in the manufacturing industry of developed Europe and America, and thus a new technical field has emerged.

LPR developed recently mainly includes: stereo light modeling (SLA)Technology; Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)Technology; Laser cladding forming (LCF)Technology; Laser proximal (LENS)Technology; Laser sheet lamination manufacturing (LOM)Technology; Laser induced thermal stress forming (LF)Technology and three-dimensional printing technology, etc.

stereo light modeling (SLA) Technology

SLA technology is also called light curing rapid prototyping technology. Its principle is to control laser beam to scan the surface of photosensitive resin as raw material point by point by computer, thin layer of resin in the scanned area (About ten millimeters) Produce photopolymerization and cure to form a thin layer of parts. The Workbench moves down a thick distance so that the cured resin surface is coated with a new layer of liquid resin, and the next layer of scanning processing is carried out until the entire prototype is completed. Since the photopolymerization reaction is based on the action of light rather than the action of heat, only a laser source with lower power is needed during operation. In addition, because there is no thermal diffusion and the chain reaction can be well controlled, the polymerization reaction can be ensured not to occur outside the laser point, thus the processing accuracy is high) , The surface quality is good, the utilization rate of raw materials is close to 99%, and parts with complex and fine shapes can be manufactured with high efficiency. For parts with larger sizes, it can be made by forming in blocks first and then bonding.

Advantages of SLA Technology

1. Photocurable molding is an early rapid prototyping manufacturing process with high maturity and time-tested.

2. The prototype is directly made of CAD digital model, with fast processing speed and short production cycle without cutting tools and dies.

3. It can process prototypes and moulds with complex structural shapes or which are difficult to form by traditional means.

4. Make CAD digital model intuitive and reduce the cost of error repair.

5. To provide samples for experiments, the results of computer simulation can be verified and checked.

6. It can be operated online and controlled remotely, which is beneficial to the automation of production.

Advantages of the tavi sla prototype:

1. Able to independently produce complete prototypes, including using computers to make models, polishing, splicing, oil injection and silk screen printing, customer information will not be leaked and has strong confidentiality.

2. Advanced measurement technology controls the error to 0. 05 ~ 0. Between 1mm.

3. Technicians have more than ten years of experience in the prototype industry and belong to NO1.

4. Strict quality management policy, products must undergo strict inspection in preliminary molding, oil injection and silk screen printing, then it is inspected by the quality inspection department.

5. After the ISO9001 quality management system certification, the product quality is guaranteed.

double protection of confidentiality

anyone who needs to process the prototype model, can enjoy the double protection of confidentiality:

1. Confidential software

This confidential software can be said to be advanced at present yes, as long as the drawings are copied from our company, they cannot be opened on any computer unless they are authorized by our company. That is-- Even if the salesman of tuowei did not do it in tuowei, he brought the drawings to other companies, just like the computers of other companies. He could not open them and was impeccable in information confidentiality.

2, Confidential agreement

any confidentiality agreement signed between tuowei and the customer, both have legal effects. We will not hang the customer's product pictures on the website or publish them to other platforms within the time limit stipulated in the agreement, let alone show them to any irrelevant people, so as not to give your competitors a chance.

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