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smoke machines, ski gear and now a $499 3d printer: discount supermarket aldi expands its wacky range of \'special buys\'

by:Tuowei     2019-08-16
Aldi, a supermarket chain known for its special offers, is expanding its range, including 3D printers.
The discount supermarket giant will start selling cocoons to create 3D printers in a limited time from next Wednesday.
In the past, 3D printers were used to print crazy things with \"Biographer\", pizza, chocolate, clothing, musical instruments, cars, guns, drones, adult products, such as body parts, people even use 3D printers to print 3D printers.
The middle aisle of Aldi proved to be the craziest and weirdest, packed with a wide variety of products such as foldable wheelchairs, Video night vision equipment, excessive
Toilet shelves, bunk beds, mannequin, French vanity with mirror, bike valet and mixed greenhouse.
spokesman for Aldi said that in addition to the daily scope, Aldi has two weeks of special shopping, which adds a surprise to the average store.
spokesman for product developer Winplus coolalasia behind cococoon Create 3D printer said it is ideal for enthusiasts, engineers, businesses and students in various disciplines including art, design and Engineering.
\"There are a number of websites with a large number of 3D models that can be downloaded and printed on your cocoon creation 3D printer.
\"You can print everything from toys and statues to custom decorations, jewelry, replacement parts, hardware and more.
The possibilities are limitless for advanced users with a 3D modeling experience-they can design and create their own 3D models.
Winplus spokesperson said that 3D printing is actually limited only by the printing area and the skill level of the user.
According to an Aldi spokesperson, the printer is equipped with a heated printing bed, a strong steel structure, and can print a variety of filaments including PLA, ABS, wood, flexible PLA and pva.
\"Designed for ease of use and reliability, you will soon start printing your own model after some small assembly.
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