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Songgang prototype factory-Point out the shortcomings of the design in time

by:Tuowei     2019-09-21
2018-12- 15: 49

Jamie, a French engineer, saw some of the CNC Machining videos we uploaded on Youtube about Songgang prototype factory, interested in the product of the extension model. He found Tuowei through the Internet and added Chen Xiaotong's Skype. Chen Xiaotong showed him some samples he had done before. The customer said that he liked the prototype made by the Tuowei model very much, and sent me their 3D drawings for quotation.

Chen Xiaotong looked at the customer's design and asked Brad, the company's American technician, for advice. Some of the customer's design could not be reached, after the customer communicated, the customer also actively changed the shortcomings of the design. The service of Songgang prototype factory is not only to prototype the customer, but also to help the customer find out the shortcomings of the product and give suggestions for modification.

The customer is very satisfied with the service of Songgang prototype factory, and is also very recognized by Chen Tongtong. He will find Chen Gong to place an order after modifying the design. The excellent technology and enthusiastic service of the extension model have greatly improved the customer's recognition of the extension model, and expect more large projects in the future.

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