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stereolithography making better models

by:Tuowei     2019-09-07
It is common for manufacturers to make models.
When they develop new products and test their designs, it is necessary to build models and prototypes of these designs to see if they are feasible.
For many companies, there are two main ways to make these models quickly, accurately and economically.
Stereo molding and silicon molding are two best ways to obtain the desired model in a short time.
Because these methods are very fast and accurate, they can often be used to shorten the time it takes to perfect the design and put it into production.
3D printer working with CAD (computer-aided design)
File to create an accurate model of the resin design.
You can decide the level of accuracy you want your model to have, albeit higher-
The resolution model takes more time to make.
But the benefit of making a model with a higher resolution is that if the design is approved, you can use a silicon mold to create a copy of the model, or even use the model, made from a thin layer of resin, start casting actual parts so you can get the lead in production.
Silicon molding helps the process of stereoscopic molding by allowing you to quickly make a prototype mold.
You can even compare your original model to both.
By making a silicone mold for the resin model, you can copy the model faster than making another model through stereo molding.
Using silicon molds can not only shorten the time it takes to create models, but also allow you to give them to the people who need them faster, saving a lot of time, this way you can speed up the approval and production process.
Creating your design model using stereo printing and silicon molding is a great way to make your ideas tangible.
Physical rendering of your design can make it really vivid and help people imagine the future of your product.
Being able to create a model this way is the key to ensuring that your entire developer understands what you are trying to achieve so that your company can unify its vision of a particular product.
By making models, you are one step closer to implementing your product.
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