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The Advantages of Vacuum Casting

The Advantages of Vacuum Casting


Vacuum casting is a low-cost but reliable method for making a small number of high-quality prototypes based on a master model. This method is ideal for rapid prototyping used in engineering testing, proof-of-concept and display demos to name a few. At Star Rapid, we have a dedicated team of mold makers who are experts at creating vacuum casting molds which offer fine surface details while being robust enough to make up to 50 copies per mold with short lead times.

What Is Vacuum Casting?

Vacuum casting involves making a mold out of silicone rubber, usually based upon a master model created by CNC machining or one of our rapid prototyping services.

Advantages Of Vacuum Casting

Vacuum casting is an ideal choice for rapid prototyping because:

* There is a low initial cost since it doesn’t require investment in tooling

* The high fidelity of the mold gives excellent surface details requiring little or no post-processing

* Many different molding polymers are available that can be pigmented to meet your color requirements

* Molds can be ready in a few days once the master model has been created

* Molds are durable up to approximately 50 copies so it’s great if you need more than one copy

* We provide overrmolding , so that different types and hardnesses of plastic can be molded together into a single unit

* It is an excellent option for testing multiple variations of a prototype design for rapid product development

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