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The difference between Laser and silk printing

The difference between Laser and silk printing


Laser engraving is a process of surface treatment by optical principles , similar to pad printing , both printed or patterned on the product. Most used in cell phones and electronic dictionaries on the keystroke. The high intensity focused laser beam emitted by the laser is used at the focal point, which causes the material to be oxidized and thus processed. The light energy of the laser beam can cause the chemical and physical changes of the surface layer substance to be carved out , or the part of the substance can be burnt out by the light , so that the pattern and the character of the required etching are displayed. Materials used for laser engraving include stone, bamboo and wood products, glass,  metal plate, leather, plastic, crystal, paper, double color boards, alumina, epoxy resin, polyester resin and so on.

On the surface, the products carved out of laser engraving are similar to the effect of silk screen printing, but in fact there is a great difference. In terms of wear resistance, the radium carving is higher than the screen printing. The principle of the two processes is different. The optical principle of laser engraving is used for surface treatment. Silk printing is a physical principle that allows the ink to stick to it. The color of the font and pattern of the product from laser engraving is the color of the material and the bottom color is the color of the ink. The products from silk printing are exactly the opposite of laser engraving.


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